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Hello and welcome to any first time visitors! I'm excited to finally launch my website here. In 2019 I was fortunate enough to have had the chance to learn from lots of different musicians, teachers and freelancers and hear what they had to say about maximising their opportunities and learning experiences. This was largely the reason that I decided to create this website as I needed a place to store my content. The foremost purpose of this website is to create an avenue for prospective students to enquire about my availability, teaching methods and any other questions they may have.

Another general objective I am aiming towards with the site is to exhibit my own works and detail my musical journey as an educator, composer and performer.

As for the function of the blog, I have been contemplating the idea of establishing a space to share ideas around my personal practice habits; exercises I have found to be helpful and any particularly thought provoking concepts I've been giving time to. If you've enjoyed exploring this new space and want to keep up to date with future content, please sign up below by clicking the orange RSS button. Jack

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