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Jordan, London

Jack is the best guitar teacher a person could ask for... ALWAYS ready for any questions and helps in ways that don’t make you feel any lesser of a player. Always comes with a great attitude and a happy vibe. If you aren’t getting lessons with Jack, don’t get lessons at all.

Ejder, Istanbul

''Jack is a great person and teacher. He really understands the needs of the student. I had a great time while taking lessons from him. I have improved my playing as well as theory knowledge simultaneously. I wish we would be in the same country and jam in the studio. I hope one day it will be real. It is great to know him.''

David, Birmingham

"Jack shares knowledge and skills to help guitarists demystify the fretboard and gain confidence in their playing. He's also inspiring to jam with and exhibits badass chops that drive you to dig deeper!"

Rebecca, California

"I was a beginner and mostly learnt by teaching myself guitar. I found out about Jack when I was looking for someone to give me more direction about what to practice and his lessons were really helpful in taking me forward with my playing. He also made theory easier to understand too thanks, Jack!"

Tristan, Florida 

Jack Handyside is an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable in many different areas of music. He is patient, kind and encouraging. I learned a lot from working with him

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