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Ultimate Warm-Up

Ultimate Warm-Up


This is a 20-page PDF with standard notation and TAB for guitarists looking for a comprehensive warm-up.


The material exhibited in this EBook will serve any intermediate to advanced level guitarist for months designed to keep them inspired and challenged. 

There are 6 areas of study to choose from which include:

  • Pentatonic scales
  • Modal pentatonics 
  • String skipping exercises
  • Arpeggios through all 12 keys
  • Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Major/Minor Scale work
  • Major and Melodic Minor Mode exercises
  • Sweep Picking exercises
  • Tetra Chords


And much more inside!
These exercises have been designed so that the concepts are clear and present opportunities for the guitarist to edit and customise each exercise to their liking or specific musical context. 

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